Autumn MET II Tour Update

I travelled to this tour with my priority being to develop and bring on the younger horses that we have given more time to get stronger at home before doing too much with them in the competition ring.  



Published  18.11.2019

Without exception they all benefited from the three weeks of warm weather, blue skies, fabulous training grounds and well maintained competition arenas.   Guestlist, the amazing 7 year old stallion (Cicero X Eros Platiere), looked fantastic during the tour, finishing the 2nd week with a 5th place in in the seven year old finals.  Elton Van Excelhof, (Elvis Ter Putte x Cassini I) tricked me into increasing his feed before leaving home, arriving at the show too fresh and very unfocused, however once he had got is overdrive of energy out of his system he  looked class during week 2 and 3. I am so excited to step both these horses up to the big classes next year.


The six year old mare, Illusion (Vittorio x Voltaire), who had benefited from a summer at home really progressed during the tour, she has taken time to develop and grow into her power but finally the patience is paying off.   She has blood and scope and now she is connecting the power and her talent she is starting to relax. I think by the end of next year she will be popping around the 7 year old classes like the boys are now as long as I take it slowly for the next 6 months. 

This was my first show on the new boy on the block, 6 year old, Babalou VK (Balou De Rouet), by the end of the tour he was showing the talent and spring off the floor in the ring that we saw when we tried him 2 months ago in Holland.  As Harrie Smoulder said earlier this year in a World of Showjumping article “ it is important to ignore results for the first 6 months with a new horse and work on the development and improvement of the horses in the ring” and this is what this tour was about for this talented 6 year old.  It was so exciting by the third week to feel the scope and push of the ground going to a different level as he stayed relaxed in his body. He is a special horse!   

No write up would be complete without mentioning the king!...   Undicci! At 16 years young he just seems to get better and better!

Thank you to all the team both at the show for the 3 weeks and at those at home keeping things ticking over, without you all none of this would be possible.  Also to Liv Spurrell (Liv to Jump) for her amazing work with our social media.

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